Wystones World Teas has always taken an active role in the community.  Currently Wy is serving as an Ambassador for the Jefferson County AddOne Campaign and is asking JeffCo businesses to each take on one more employee.  As JeffCo has about 20,000 small businesses it is quite easy to see the impact this will have on the economy in our community.
Please take a moment to watch Wy discuss the AddOne Campaign on 9News and do what you can to contribute to the motion.


Come into Wystone’s and stuff your very own tea chest with teas from around the world.  These beautiful tea chests make the perfect gift for the tea lover in your life.

The history of a tea chest goes back a long way.  You surely remember the Boston Tea Party in 1773 where colonists dressed up like American Indians stormed the British ships.  There are many depictions of the tea chests being hurled over the side of the ship into the ocean.  Tea was considered a very precious and expensive commodity and transporting it from India or Asia across the oceans was a challenge.  Vessels were slow moving and the slightest amount of moisture would spoil the teal.  No one would purchase a spoiled tea.

In order to protect the tea from spoilage, tea chests were used.  They were large sealed boxes made from wood with a lead lining.  Tea was placed inside these tea chests.  With the advent of modern steamships and the opening of the Suez Canat the time taken for transportation greatly decreased.  Nowdays tea is kept in cold storage and then often shipped via courrier services as it is very light.  Larger quantities of tea are shipped in containers that are kept in cold storage, frequently the bags are vacuum packed.  There is no longer a need to use tea chests to ship tea around the world.

History of the tea chest

Come into Wystone's World Teas and sfuff your own tea chest with teas from around the world

Note: Tea chests, in their original wooden state are much more commonly used and referred to in the UK and Australia.  In the US and many other countries a tea chest may refer to a small wooden or metal container that is used to store tea or tea bags in

Join Wy Livingston as she explains how how you can make money through the  Wystone’s Ambassador program.  Be in business for yourself, not by yourself.

Want freedom, extra income and control of your life? Work as much or as little as you like.

Now you can become part of the Wystone’s family while earning income running your own business.

Whether you want to make a little or a lot of extra money a month, you will have access to our large selection of exotic teas and tea accessories and the ability to be your own boss doing something that you love with a product that is timeless and easy to sell. Tea is the 2nd most consumed beverage in the world. Chances are that 7 out of 10 people you know or meet are tea drinkers and tea lovers.

Introduce clients, businesses, family and friends to special blends and customized teas only from Wystone’s World Teas.

Choose from artisan gifts including Franz, Yixing and Hunan teapots, silver services, mate gourds and other great products.

Qualify for tea trips domestically and internationally.

Training aids sent to you monthly and full assistance from the Wystone’s Ambassador support team.

Training done by tea specialist, Wy Livingston.

Please visit the Ambassador Section of our website for more information and videos.


Live Remote – March 10, 2012, 11:30 am – 3 pm 

Then on Sunday:

Teaching Tea and Cooking with Chef Mark and Wy — March 11, 2012, 3 – 5 pm


($10.00 donation for the class benefits GivePaws.)GivePaws.com event — March 22, 2012.   A Gabby Dinner – Date To Be Announced — check our website!

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It’s the month of Love!

And, at Wystone’s we love our customers….so much so that

we’re proud to say we maintain a scratch kitchen…

that means we make 95% of our food from scratch.

Treat your sweetheart (or yourself) to our new desserts:

A Chocolate Cream Truffle Tea-infused Red Velvet Cake

OR our new Tea-Infused German Chocolate Cake

both from our scratch kitchen!

And, don’t forget to pick up some of our specially-blended Chocolate Lovers Tea during the month of February…

a lovely blend of Chocolate Truffle tea, Chocolate Puerh tea

and tiny candy hearts.

February’s Tea Special at Wystone’s World Teas is buy 3 ounces of any tea and we’ll give you 1 ounce FREE!  (See our coupon below!)
Wystone’s World Teas just received their liquor license from the City of Lakewood!  Watch for our new tea-infused cocktails.  Something new and fun to try….
see you soon!
Recipe of the Month 
rooibos corn soup
Rooibos Creamed Corn Soup

1 can (15oz) whole-kernel sweetcorn or fresh corn
2 chicken bouillon cubes, dissolved in 2 cups of strong hot Rooibos
2 cups of milk
1 onion, finely chopped
6 black peppercorns
1/4 cup butter
1 cup cake flour
sour cream & chopped chives for garnish
1. Simmer corn and Rooibos broth over low heat — 20min.
2. Pour into food processor and mix until smooth
3. Heat the milk with the onion and black peppercorns. Pour the milk through a strainer into the corn mixture
4. Melt the butter in a saucepan.  Add the flour and stir to make a smooth paste.
5. Add the corn mixture slowly, stirring constantly.  Bring to a boil. Add more milk or Rooibos if a little thick.
6. Garnish with the sour cream and chives to serve.
Serves 4 guests. Enjoy
Reprinted with permission of Rooibos Limited from
A Touch of Rooibos.
 Retail Item of the Month
YiXing Teapot

This sensual YiXing teapot is just one
of the many unique gift items
you’ll find at
Wystone’s World Teas.

YiXing (pronounced ee-shing) teapots

first appeared during the Sung Dynasty (960-1279) in the YiXing region of China,
located in the Jiangsu province,
about 120 miles northwest of Shanghai.
The Jiangsu province is the world’s only source for the unique clay from which YiXing teapots
are made, called purple or red clay.Stop in and see all of our teapots!


Do you love everything tea? Want freedom, extra income and more control of your life?  Join the Wystone family and become a part of our brand new
Ambassador Program!  FIRST INFORMATIONAL SESSION for the Ambassador program: Saturday, February 18th at 9:30am.
Tea and scones will be served.

RSVP to the cafe at 303.663.5775 for this session or
click here for more information!
Non-Profit Corner

CampExperience™ is a one-of-a-kind retreat designed exclusively for women that are ready for inspiration and transformation. At Camp, you will refine your vision, reflect on your purpose, enjoy top speakers and activity leaders and relax in an amazing setting.  Join us at Wystone’s World Teas!

April 11 Wystone’s Champagne High Tea Event
Wystone’s World Teas – The Belmar Center – 7323 W. Alaska Dr, Lakewood, 80226
6:00 – 8:00 p.m. – $10 Donation – Bring a tea/coffee cup to exchange

To see the entire CampExperience™ Pre-Camp Event Calendar for 2012…click here.
For more information about about this organization visit CampExperience.

In Health News…  

Enjoy the gift of Tea Love — Join our Tea of the Month Program.Purchase either 6 or 12 months and receive 2 ounces of tea each month that we specially select for you, or as a present for someone you know who likes tea or you want to introduce to tea.   Click here for details and give the gift that keeps on giving.


Buy 3 — Get 1 FREE

tea aromas and flavors
Buy 3 ounces of your favorite tea and

we’ll give you one ounce FREE. (in-store only)
Bring your coupon into  Wystone’s World
Teas today!
Visit us today at www.wystonestea.com, or come into the cafe in Belmar
7323 W. Alaska Drive, Lakewood CO 80226 or call at 303-663-5775!

PLEASE NOTE: This coupon is also good for 10% off all tea/products
for online orders only.
Offer Expires: February 29, 2012                                                                           Coupon Code VAL7323
Wystone’s World Teas, 7323 W. Alaska Drive, Lakewood, Colorado 80226   phone 303.663.5775

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January is HOT TEA MONTH and the MONTH OF HEALTH – a time when  we make resolutions to wy pro phototreat ourselves better through weight loss activities, more exercise, eating and drinking better and just taking more time for ourselves. In this issue, discover the many health studies related to tea and the reasons you should include

a cup a day as part of your daily ritual.

It was quite a 2011 and we are again blessed to have you as our friends and clients. I marveled over the communing over tea with family and loved ones during the holidays. That’s exactly what Wystone’s was built for…communing.  It reminds me of Japanese Tea Houses I visited years ago.

As we entered the first of many Tea Houses, we had to bend over to get in the door. I asked why the doors were so low. The proprietor explained that in feudal times the tea house was a central part of Japanese life. Patrons left their swords and baggage outside, so all who entered were equals and there for the same purpose – to relax and commune over a cup. I think at Wystone’s we have achieved something similar many years later.  Thank you for your loyalty and let’s have a fantastic 2012!


Rooibos Tea Helps Reduce Stress

Scientists at Stellenbosch University are shedding new light on the long-held belief that a cup of Rooibos helps us to relax and cope better with the stresses of daily life.  A research team at the University’s biochemistry department, led by Profession Amanda Swart has produced scientific evidence that Rooibos tea lowers the production of cortisol in human’s adrenal glands. Read more…


Green Tea Inhibits Hepatitis C Virus

Individuals receiving a liver transplant who are vulnerable to infection by Hepatitis C virus may find green tea inhibits HVC re-infection.  End stage liver disease caused by the Hepatitis C virus is the most common reason for a liver transplant, accounting for about 30% of liver transplant surgeries,according to a review of the research on the website Hepatitis Central.  Read more…

Recipe of the Month  

AM Weight-Loss Sundae


1/2 cup low-fat Greek yogurt

1 banana

1/2 cup strawberries

Unsweetened coconut,  to taste

Ground flaxseed, to desired consistency

Matcha green tea powder, to taste (available at Wystone’s World of Teas)


Combine all ingredients and enjoy.


Retail Item of the Month – TEA!

In honor of HOT TEA MONTH —  Buy 2 ounces of any tea and enjoy a pot of tea FREE on us.

Visit our cafe today in Belmar!


Join our Tea of the Month Program.  Purchase either 6 or 12 months and receive 2 ounces of tea each month that we specially select for you, or as a present for someone you know likes tea or you want to introduce to tea.   See our website for details and give the gift that keeps on giving.
Give The Gift of Health, Give TEA
Book of the MonthRevealing your Extraordinary Essence

Revealing Your Extraordinary Essence

by Cynthia James


We highlighted this book last month and so many of you commented on it I thought what better way to kick off 2012 than with her book again. Cynthia and I blended a very special tea to accompany her Extraordinary Essence Book at its debuted in early January at Mile Hi Church. There were over 250 ladies in attendance and while we came with gallons of tea already made, we quickly needed to make more.


Look for the blend at Wystone’s and on Cynthia’s website soon.

The tea was a huge hit!

Non-Profit of the Month — The Smile Train
If you aren’t familiar with their work, this organization is dedicated to surgically correcting cleft palates on children around the world. The before and after images are moving and touching and I love the work this organization provides.
In the News…  Check out the Wystone’s World Tea article in Colorado Tennis Magazine.


PROFILE: LAKEWOOD CAFE A BREWING SUCCESS STORY: Wy Livingston has fashioned a vocation from her avocation.  Read Entire Article

Save $10

Tea of month club
Join the Tea of The Month Club!
Save $10 when you join the Club!
Or, give the gift of health to a friend.
Choose 6 or 12 months.
Visit us today at www.wystonestea.com, or come into the cafe in Belmar at
7323 W. Alaska Drive, Lakewood CO 80226 or call at 303-663-5775!
Offer Expires: March 31, 2012                                                                           Coupon Code TOMC
Wystone’s World Teas, 7323 W. Alaska Drive, Lakewood, Colorado 80226   phone 303.663.5775

Wystone Holiday
Hot Tea

As we come to the close of 2011, it is so important forwy pro photo

us to let you know how much we appreciate your business.  I always love this time of year because I get to see you come in with your family and friends, and just have a good time.  Someone remarked to me the other day that as many times as they have been in to Wystone’s, they very rarely see anyone on their cell phones.  I think something remarkable happens when you come to our place…you actually connect with your colleagues, family and loved ones.  You actually look them in their eyes and have that good old fashioned thing we use to do…communicate face to face.  Wystone’s was built as a communal Tea House and Gathering Place.  We have accomplished that, and more.  So when you want to get away from all the noise of the world and need a respite…come hang out with us for Great Tea, Great Food and Great Company
Black Friday is
This Week at Wystone’s Tea!


20-50% off


 Tea Pots and Accessories 

Do all your shopping in one place. Avoid all the traffic

and hassles and then
re-energize with great food, great tea, and great company!
Our gift baskets are always one-of-a-kind.  We pride ourselves on Unique Gift ideas.  All of our exquisite baskets are TEA-Themed.


holiday packages

Everyday we are asked about the Health benefits of Tea.  They are too numerous to name in this column but the claims are bountiful.
Drinking Rooibos, from South Africa, is a naturally caffeine-free alternative.  
Pure Matcha, made from ground green tea, makes you feel wonderful.  
Yerba Mate is perfect for those who want to lose weight, have more energy and stamina or recover from a workout. 
Chamomile, green and white teas or herbals are all good for your well being, especially for those with chronic conditions or are taking medications. 

Jw header

Please don’t hesitate to ask us for information on the different teas or do your research on our site and come in for a Tea tasting.
We encourage you to taste our more than 150 different teas from around the world.  Introduce your circle to the wonderful world of teas and become an expert yourself.  We’d be glad to guide you.
So remember…Give the Gift of Health, Give Tea!



Check out our selection of YiXing (pronounced ee-shing) teapots!
These teapots first appeared during the Sung Dynasty (960-1279) in the YiXing region of China, located in the Jiangsu province, about 120 miles northwest of Shanghai.The Jiangsu province is the world’s only source for the unique clay from which YiXing teapots are made, called purple or red clay. YiXing teapots were relatively unknown for many years until the late Ming Dynasty (1600s) when their use and production began to flourish. Demand from Europe and throughout China fueled an active industry in which many artists developed their craft to high levels of mastery. For the next three hundred years, YiXing teapots attained renown throughout China and Europe.



We now have an exciting Tea of the Month Program. You can purchase either 6 or 12 months and receive 2 ounces of tea each month that we have specially selected for you, or as a present for someone you know likes tea or you want to introduce to tea.
See our website for details and give the gift that keeps on giving.
Give The Gift of Health, Give TEA
Cornish Game Hen

Recipe of the Month
Tea Smoked Cornish Hens

Wash and pat bird dry.

Stuff cavity with a lemon wedge, thyme and garlic.

Brush with extra virgin olive oil and season with Wystone’s Lapsang Souchong Tea Rub.

Place bird on a small oven rack or casserole dish and roast for about 45 minutes at 350 until the internal temperature is 165 and the juices run clear.

Let the bird rest for at least 10 minutes. Remove cavity contents before cutting in half to serve.

One bird per person as prepared.


Revealing your Extraordinary Essence

Wy’s Book Pick…
“Revealing your EXTRAORDINARY Essence – Practical Tools For Empowered Living”
by Reverend Cynthia James
Reverend Cynthia James  is one of the most enlightened and delightful souls on the planet.  She is a significant part of The Mile Hi Church ministry in Lakewood, Colorado and a significant part of my life.  Please support her and gain some important insights for yourself and this journey we call Life.
Order on Amazon.com – Paperback or download to your Kindle
Save 50% 
Bring a Friend for Free Cornish Game Hen

With all the shopping and other things you have to do in the next few weeks, we’d like to help you out.

Do you have a friend or relative that you would like to take out for a great breakfast, lunch or dinner for the Holidays? Let us Help!
Use our Bring a Friend for Free coupon which is valid
Monday through Friday until the end of the year.
Why not take advantage of a Wonderful Holiday gift for your special someone compliments of Wystone’s World Teas? We’ll see you soon.
To better accomodate you and your guest, please make a reservation by calling 303.663.5775 and let us know you are using the Bring a Friend coupon.
Offer Expires: December 31, 2011

Wystone’s World Teas, 7323 W. Alaska Drive, Lakewood, Colorado 80226   phone 303.663.5775

THANK YOU!   And, look for more messages from Wystone’s World Teas coming your way soon.